I was ‘too young’ to go to Syria

LATE ONE MORNING, April 13, 2017 — When I was 14 years old, I went to Syria.

I was a rebel, a “kid,” a “young girl” — whatever that means.

In Syria, I would go to a place called Palmyra, to a city that I didn’t even know existed.

It was my first experience of what would become my life.

It took me two years to reach Syria, and then another two years in Lebanon, and I ended up there when I was 16.

That was a long, arduous, and lonely road.

But I knew the price of my journey home.

In the end, it meant that I was too young to go, too young not to go.

My journey from Syria to Lebanon ended when I left for college at the age of 19.

It’s one of the most difficult, challenging, and challenging journeys I’ve ever taken.

I have never been able to go back.

For years, I was the only Westerner to visit Syria, as I had done in the years prior.

I spent four years in the capital of Damascus, in the days when people lived by the clock.

For the first time, I experienced the full range of Syria.

But as time went on, I became a bit disillusioned.

I found myself constantly in the middle of conflict and unrest, often surrounded by angry people.

There was something wrong with me, I thought.

I felt like I didn, in fact, know what it was like to live in Syria.

As a young man, I never fully understood the full nature of what I was seeing and experiencing.

I had always been attracted to violence.

But my own feelings about the violence were very complicated.

The violence was always in my head.

I didn´t feel comfortable with the way I was acting in the midst of it.

When I came home to California, I had a new, new, and disturbing idea.

I wanted to leave the world.

But how?

It was a complicated journey.

I became very cynical about the world and the people around me.

I knew that I had to leave to find a place where I would be free from violence.

I did not feel that I would ever find a peaceful home in Syria, despite the enormous sacrifices I had made there.

I began to question my place in the world, and the way in which I had been living my life, even as a teenager.

It made me question whether I was actually living a good life, and whether I could have achieved any meaningful purpose in my life if I remained there.

But the first step was to learn to live life with dignity.

For the next two years, as a college student, I worked hard at finding a way to live with dignity, even if I was still a rebel.

My first year in college, I enrolled at a small liberal arts college in California.

I lived on the fringes of campus, but I was able to find work as a waitress.

I worked there for four years, starting in 2010.

During that time, the conflict in Syria continued to escalate.

I could see how the Syrian conflict had affected other people.

It hurt people’s feelings, too.

I started to see that the Syrian people had no voice in their own lives.

I saw that the people who were being killed were not only Syrians, but people from other countries as well.

I also began to wonder whether it was my fault that the situation was getting so bad.

The Syrian people, the people I saw every day, were living in an unjust and cruel system, which was not based on anything but hatred and oppression.

I couldn’t let that happen to me.

The first time I visited the refugee camp in Lebanon in late 2012, I learned to appreciate my country and its people.

The camp was so welcoming, it felt like home.

After that, it was hard to leave.

In Lebanon, I met a young woman who was fleeing the war in Syria with her family, as well as her boyfriend.

The girl and the boyfriend shared my desire to make a change in my country, and to help the Syrian refugees.

I realized that I could not leave my country as a rebel and a soldier.

I decided to stay and support the Syrian refugee camp, which has been a life-changing experience for me.

This was the beginning of my transformation into a humanitarian.

In 2017, I received my PhD from the University of Texas at Austin.

As part of my dissertation, I developed a model for how to build an organization to aid Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

It turned out to be an incredibly difficult project to work on, as there were many issues that needed to be resolved in order to help Syrian refugees, especially women.

For this reason, I am not the person I am today.

I feel like I have grown up in a very difficult place, but my experience is a reminder that there are so many things that can change the world for the better

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