‘I’ll be back’: Pok�mon adventures return for a second trip, boots

With Pok�mons adventures on the way, I’ll be returning to the games for the second time in as many years.

I’ll also be visiting a few other locations.

For starters, my fellow Pok�mons will be in the hands of a new, larger group.

Pok�nstalkers will have a few new Pok�stalker pets and some old favorites like the adorable Pikachu and its many new friends.

The first trip is the same as my first, and I’ll take it with me when I head back to the game’s New York City HQ for Pok�fest in April.

(A Pok�s Mansion visit isn’t scheduled until 2020.)

But unlike the first trip, this time I won’t be traveling alone.

I’m joining a group of four others with me.

And I’ll need your help to make it all happen.

Here are some of the perks you’ll get to experience while you’re out there with me:A chance to meet some of Pok�’s many new and old friendsThe opportunity to meet new Pok, meet some old Pok, and even make some new friends!

A chance for you to get a peek at the new Pok and some of its other adorable friends (plus, I might just get to play with them too!)

I’ll make the trip to Pok�Mansion and the Pokedex in NYC with some of my favorite Pok� players, such as me and the adorable, energetic Pikachu, and some other players I’ve known and played with for years, like the equally energetic Charizard, who will be a Pok�maniac this year.

And the fun never ends, as I’ll have a chance to chat with you all while I’m out in the wild.

I’ll also have a lot of fun getting to know the Pok�munchies, as you’ll be able to meet them in the Pokenomics.

This fun event will take place on the Pokemon Go-exclusive Pokefest map in New York, where players can meet other players, get badges, and earn the new Pokenomic badges.

The journey will start with a visit to the Pok�Stalkers.

The game’s new PokStalker Pets will be on display, and you can catch and befriend them for Pokmon, too.

But before you can take a peek, you’ll have to complete a few tasks before the event begins.

This event is open to all players in the U.S. and Canada, and it’s open to the general public starting March 8.

And if you’re a resident of any of the above countries, you can participate in the event without a passport.

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