Why the Journey Is Enduring

Journey’s Enduring was the first of four games that were made during the era of the Atari 2600, the computer game company that introduced the home console.

The series ended in 2000 with the release of Journey’s Next.

It followed the adventures of the main characters, a man named Mr. and Mrs. Zorra and their daughter, the Zorras.

Journey’s next title, Journey’s Last Frontier, followed a young man named Zorri, a boy named Mika and their friend, the child known as Kri.

In Journey’s Final Frontier, Kri is left alone to deal with the consequences of a fatal accident involving a monster called the Red Queen.

The story is told from the viewpoint of a young boy named Jake.

When the Zoranres discover a mysterious “ghost” in the woods near their home, they begin to suspect that the “ghost,” who they believe to be a creature named the Red King, has been hunting them for some time.

Jake and the Zorares must discover the truth before the Red Kings wrath is unleashed on the land.

Journey is a family-friendly adventure game with a focus on family-focused gameplay, a nostalgic retro aesthetic, and a retro-inspired soundtrack.

For those who grew up playing these games in the late ’80s, Journey is still a must play for nostalgic fans.

It was released on the Atari 7800 in the fall of 2001, and was one of the first Atari 2600 games to feature a second screen that allowed the player to use their mouse.

It remains one of my favorite Atari 2600 titles.

Journey was a hit with gamers of all ages, and it’s still a game that’s worth playing.

Journey can be found at Amazon for $49.99.

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