What are the worst-kept secrets in life?

On the heels of her debut solo album Journey, Australian singer and songwriter Jenny Jones has revealed what she is doing to try and make sure her new solo album never falls into the hands of the devil.

“I’ve always been the guy who just goes for it, and if I don’t do it, it doesn’t matter, so I don.

That’s what I’m about,” Jones told The Australian on Monday.”

We all want to be the best at what we do.

That doesn’t mean we don’t need to get a bit more creative and get out there and be ourselves.”

That’s what people say, and I don, and that’s what’s really helped me make the choices I’ve made so far.

“Jones said she had been trying to stay out of the spotlight, and not let the music world know that she was working on her solo debut.”

It was a struggle, but I’ve got to do my thing.

I think it’s important to stay away from the limelight,” she said.”

Because that can ruin a person’s life.

“Jones has spent the last year creating music under the moniker Jenny Jones.

She’s recorded more than 50 songs, including two solo albums and several singles, in the last six months, and has released four albums of original material.

Jones said her new music had been a lot of work.”

A lot of it was really good stuff that I just got in a hurry and I just didn’t have the time to write it down, but a lot was really fun stuff, and it’s not a lot to sit and listen to.

“You can listen to it in a couple of weeks, it’s a lot better than the record that’s out there.”

Jones’ first solo album was released in May last year, but the release has since been delayed by a lack of funding, due to a copyright dispute.

Jones also had to work with producer John Peel on a new song, after Peel took the rights to the song and had a “very different” version of it made.

Jones’ new song “Jenny” is available to download on iTunes.

Jones told The Age that she wanted to focus on her music career first.

“This is what I want to do, this is the first step in my career,” Jones said.

The Australian is on a weekly two-hour podcast.

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