What to expect when the new season of Disney XD’s Journey to the West comes to Netflix: 5 facts and a few surprising clues

The Journey to The West, which aired in 2012 on Disney Channel, is a beloved Disney animated series that has been adapted for multiple generations of Disney fans.

It was the first of Disney Channel’s Disney Originals, and it is the only Disney Origins to feature characters from the animated series.

As with the previous seasons, the show takes place on a fictional, fictional world in which Disney characters like Aladdin and Snow White meet each other.

The series premiered on Disney XD in 2015 and has since been re-mastered and re-watched in a new edition.

The new season, which premieres on April 16, will be followed by the upcoming season of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Disney’s live-action animated comedy, which premiered on ABC in 2018.

The Journey To The West is now available for streaming on Disney TV.

Here are five key facts about the show you might not have known about it before.


The Disney Channel first aired the series in 2012.

The show premiered on the Disney Channel in 2014 and was then re-imagined for the Disney XD streaming platform.

It also stars Dwayne Johnson as Aladdin, who is introduced in the first episode.

Aladdin also is the voice of Pete Campbell, the nephew of Princess Jasmine and the prince of the land of Ooo.


Disney Channel re-releases Disney’s Journey To the West for the streaming platform in 2017.

Disney XD launched in 2017 with a new version of the show that is completely new.

Unlike the previous Disney Originations, which were all re-made versions of the original animated series, this new version takes place in the modern day, while the previous versions were all set in the ancient land of Aladdin.

This new version will have a slightly different plot than the previous one, but it’s a new take on the story and it will also feature a whole new cast of characters, including new Disney Channel characters and a re-formed cast of voice actors.

The characters in this new season include: Pete Campbell (Dwayne Johnson), a man who works at the Disney World Resort, and his nephew, Pete (Jason Sudeikis).

Pete is an extremely popular, well-liked, and charismatic person in the Disney world.

His nephew, Aladdin (Jason Segel), is the prince who Pete works for.

They are all friends who live in the same town in Aladdin’s world.

They go to the same school, and Aladdin even helps Pete by helping him to get his name on the school’s merit badge.

Pete is a very nice guy, and he is very protective of his nephew.

He also works hard to help his nephew and help him succeed in school.

He is very caring towards Aladdin in a way that he is not very protective towards his nephew’s father, the Prince of Seasons.

Albedo is the main character in this version.

She is the princess of the kingdom of Oum, and she and her sister, Algis (Hugh Jackman), are the two most powerful women in the kingdom.

She lives in the palace of Algies palace, and has a huge, white, crystal throne that she keeps with her in order to protect the palace from all enemies.

The princess is often seen in her purple dress, and the royal throne is her symbol of power and wealth.


Pete Campbell’s nephew, Jason Segel, has been portrayed in Disney XD and The Adventures Of Pete & Pals.

In the new version, Jason segles is voiced by Jason Sudeakis, who was the voice actor of Alba in Disney’s classic animated series The Jungle Book.

He previously voiced Aladdin on Disney Kids and on Disney Animation XD, and later played Aladdin Jr. in Disney Channel animated shorts such as “The Muppets” and “The Disney Family Adventures.”

In addition to voicing Aladdin as well as Pete, Jason also voiced Algias brother, Jafar.

Pete’s voice has also been used in the animation for Disney XD movies such as the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


The cast of The Adventure of Pete and Pete features several familiar faces from the series.

Jason Sudes voice as Alba is voiced wonderfully by David Cross.

The character was originally voiced by David Aja, who also voiced the titular character in Disney Junior.

Pete and Jason are joined by newcomer and new voice actor, John C. Reilly, who plays the title character, Pete Campbell.

Also returning is the character of the royal guard of Algalor, which has been featured in every Disney XD animated series from Aladdin to Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Pete has a very close relationship with Princess Jasmin, and Jasmin was a major character in the original series.

In addition, The Adventures also introduces a new character named “Rab

Crystal Journey candles, journey’s ending,junglers journey,heroes journey

Journey’s End, the story of an elderly Korean woman who goes to a haunted resort to investigate a mysterious illness, has become a popular Netflix series.

The cult drama centers on Ji Hyun-suk, a young Korean woman suffering from dementia who visits the haunted resort of the same name in Thailand and has visions of the spirit of a young man who had died there.

The two meet in the middle and decide to investigate.

Ji Hyun suk visited the ghost resort of Journey’s end in Thailand.

Joon-hyeon/Netflix via AP Journey’s ending is about a woman who leaves her elderly husband and child and goes on a magical journey through the jungle.

The series, which was written and produced by Korean drama writer Lee Kyung-won, stars Jung Ho-seok (The Walking Dead), who plays Ji Hyung-suu, the young woman.

Her father, the actor, was also a member of Journey, the drama’s main cast members.

The show was nominated for an Emmy in 2017 and was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Outstanding Drama Series.

Lee Kyung.

Lee Kyun-sol/Netflix through AP Journey was first made available to Netflix members on Oct. 3, 2017.

Journey’s closing credits have now been added to the Netflix homepage.

The show has also been viewed on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.

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