‘You are the new Jerusalem’: New Jerusalem order tracking order

On Wednesday, the Jerusalem District Court ruled that a tracking order issued by the Israeli Ministry of Justice regarding an order of the High Court of Justice that requires the entry of individuals from abroad must be issued to them on the basis of the order.

The court ordered that the tracking order be issued and the entry issued.

The tracking order is the only one that requires a citizen of Israel to have entered Israel.

The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office is challenging the order and seeking a court order requiring entry on the grounds that the order is arbitrary, capricious and contrary to international law.

The court’s ruling also said that the Ministry of Interior was required to issue a court notice stating that a citizen could not be detained indefinitely without legal process in the Jerusalem region for any reason, and that the Israeli Civil Administration and the High Administrative Court had no jurisdiction over this issue.

The High Court, in its ruling last June, had ordered the Israeli Interior Ministry to issue the tracking orders and the Entry Entry and Entry into Israel (EiI) permits for citizens of Israel.

The High Court also ordered the Ministry to submit to an investigation and to pay the costs of the investigation.

Following the High Courts ruling, the Israeli Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order against the entry restrictions, which the court said would allow a temporary measure to be put in place for the time being.

The Ministry of Defense issued a statement on Wednesday evening saying it is disappointed with the court ruling.

We are aware that the High Constitutional Court will rule on the case on Monday, and we intend to challenge it before the Supreme Court.

The decision was based on the fact that the court’s decision is based on a flawed understanding of the Israeli judicial system.

The ministry’s statement read:We will continue to fight against the court order, and the legal process to be conducted before the court.

We do not agree with the High Supreme Court’s decision and will appeal against it.

This story has been updated with the Ministry’s statement.

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