How to stop a dogs quest to rescue a pet

A dog has found a new home with a group of strangers, and it has been dubbed the “hero of the year.”

A group of dogs is making their way to a farm and looking for a house, but the owner, a woman in her 50s, has to be on her toes for a few days before she can get the animals inside.

It all started when the owner got a call from a neighbor about a dog that had wandered into her backyard.

The woman called the animal rescue group DogSafe, which is trying to find a home for the dog.

The dog, named “The Cat” has a long, dark coat that gives it the appearance of a black lab, but she is actually a cross between a coyote and a dog.

It was rescued by the rescue group in December, but was later euthanized.

Now, The Cat has been reunited with the group, and they are giving it a new name: The Rescue Dogs.

“The Cat is not an aggressive dog.

She is a very loving, gentle, playful dog,” The Cat’s owner, Lisa Gazzola, told ABC News.

“She is also an amazing family dog.

I have never seen anyone come up to her and say ‘Hi, I’m Lisa, and I’m the Cat.'”

Gazzola and her family are currently helping the rescue dogs find a house.

The Rescue Dogs are helping the owner find a new life.

“She is just so special.

She’s an amazing little girl,” said Lisa Gattola, Cat’s Owner.

“You just can’t imagine how happy she is when she walks into her new home.”

The Cat was rescued after a neighbor alerted DogSafe.

The rescue group has set up a Facebook page where anyone can share their story.

They say they were overwhelmed by the number of requests, and so they started putting out the call for donations.

They are now on the lookout for homes for the rescue Dogs.

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