How to order an iPhone in a crowded restaurant

An iPhone is the most common item found in many fast-food restaurants, but it’s not as easy to get in a busy restaurant.

Here’s how to order a phone at a fast-casual restaurant.

Read moreRead moreA queue for an iPhone at a busy Sydney restaurant.

Image: GettyThe Apple Store is a huge business in Sydney.

It is the largest retailer in Australia, with more than 30 million iPhones sold.

There are over 2,300 iPhone stores in the world, and each one is unique.

Each store has a different layout and the menu.

There are also different types of iPhones, ranging from classic phones to premium ones.

Apple has a huge presence in Sydney, with about 3,000 stores in Sydney alone.

The queue for a new iPhone.

Image and caption: The Apple Store in SydneyThe Apple store is one of the busiest in the country, and has the largest number of Apple Stores in the city.

It’s easy to see why Apple has the biggest presence in the Sydney market.

It’s one of only a handful of major metropolitan areas in the nation that has more than 2,000 Apple Stores.

Apple is also the largest consumer electronics retailer in the state of New South Wales.

It has over 15,000 retail stores in New South, and about 5,000 of those are Apple stores.

Apple sells over 300 million iPhones annually, which is more than every other major manufacturer combined.

Apple says the vast majority of its customers are Australians, and most of those customers use the Apple Store.

In New South Wodonga, Apple has about 15,600 stores, which are mostly small and medium-sized businesses.

Many of these stores sell smartphones.

Apple also has a strong presence in regional areas.

Apple has more stores in Melbourne and Sydney than any other state, and more than half of its stores are in regional Australia.

The Applestore in Sydney and Perth.

Image from Google Maps: GoogleMap

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