Canada’s Dodge Journey credit card is being sold online for $29,999.95 – (Canada): Canadian bank Chase says it’s selling the Dodge Journey Credit Card online for a whopping $29.99.

The card, which has been in circulation since 2010, allows Canadians to pay their bills online for up to 90 days.

It also has an optional annual fee of $150.

A spokesperson for Chase told CBC News that the card is available on its website, but it’s not currently listed as being available for purchase on the company’s website.

It is the first time Chase has officially made a similar announcement to its Canadian bank partners.

Chase previously announced the card’s availability online for Canadians in February.

The bank has previously said that the credit card allows Canadians “to pay their bill online for 90 days, plus an optional fee of up to $150.”

The card comes with a $500 monthly fee.

Chase’s credit card was announced in October 2010, and was designed to help Canadians save on their expenses, with annual fees of $250.

Chase says the card will not cost consumers anything extra to use the card.

Chases website now states that “it is the ultimate card to help you save money on your everyday purchases.”

It also notes that the Discover card is a “great way to reduce your monthly bill,” and offers an optional $200 annual fee.

It also says that if you’ve already used a credit card before, you will automatically be approved for a free trial of the Discover Card when you open a new account.

The Journey card is offered through Canadian and US banks and credit unions.

Canadian banks include C$7 billion in debt, according to, which says there are currently just over 3 million people with the cards.

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