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Journey’s End, the story of an elderly Korean woman who goes to a haunted resort to investigate a mysterious illness, has become a popular Netflix series.

The cult drama centers on Ji Hyun-suk, a young Korean woman suffering from dementia who visits the haunted resort of the same name in Thailand and has visions of the spirit of a young man who had died there.

The two meet in the middle and decide to investigate.

Ji Hyun suk visited the ghost resort of Journey’s end in Thailand.

Joon-hyeon/Netflix via AP Journey’s ending is about a woman who leaves her elderly husband and child and goes on a magical journey through the jungle.

The series, which was written and produced by Korean drama writer Lee Kyung-won, stars Jung Ho-seok (The Walking Dead), who plays Ji Hyung-suu, the young woman.

Her father, the actor, was also a member of Journey, the drama’s main cast members.

The show was nominated for an Emmy in 2017 and was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Outstanding Drama Series.

Lee Kyung.

Lee Kyun-sol/Netflix through AP Journey was first made available to Netflix members on Oct. 3, 2017.

Journey’s closing credits have now been added to the Netflix homepage.

The show has also been viewed on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.

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