How to get your first job with Uber and Lyft: 7 tips

By Lauren Stumpf-SchnurMEXICO CITY — Uber and Lyft have the same goal: helping people find and work from home.

The ride-hailing companies, which were acquired by Uber in 2014 for a reported $680 billion, have been criticized for working hand-in-glove with taxi companies, but they say their work in helping people get back to their homes has been a success.

A new study by the National Association of Home Builders and Builders International (NAHB) shows that about 30% of American homebuilders were already looking for new employees when the companies were acquired.

But the study found that homebuilders had fewer openings for new hires than they had a year earlier.

Nahb says its data backs up its findings, and that the companies have been able to fill the void by making their business models more flexible.

NHAB President David R. Smith says that the study confirms what many have been saying about the companies’ impact on the economy: that their business model is creating more jobs, more wages, and more economic growth than the alternative.

In a statement, Lyft said that it was pleased that the NAHB study shows that the company’s work with contractors is helping to create jobs.

“With Lyft, we have the ability to offer contractors access to our platform for hiring, providing them access to the most current technology available to them, and offering a competitive advantage,” Lyft said.

“Our contractor network is one of the most efficient in the country, and we are excited to continue working with contractors to build a more sustainable and successful relationship.”

Lyft said that its contractors are now able to use Lyft’s platform for job searches, scheduling appointments, and scheduling job opportunities.

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