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Old man’s Journey article An interview with an old man from his home town in the US states of New York and New Jersey.

What was the beginning of your life?

I came here to be a doctor.

I had a very strong medical background.

I worked as a dentist, and I was very good at it.

I was able to treat a lot of people.

But I was born in New York City, and so I was really lucky to have the right kind of environment for me to grow up.

When you were a young man you went to the medical school.

How did you find it?

I got into medical school, and then I got my degree.

But it was very difficult.

The medical school was not particularly interested in me.

I did not have much success in medical school – I failed a lot.

You were born in Brooklyn, but you moved to the suburbs in New Jersey as a child.

Did you ever come to the US? 

Yes, yes, yes.

I went to school in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and graduated.

I took a job with a company that manufactures dental equipment.

I started working in that company in 1976, and worked in a dental clinic for 15 years.

How old were you when you started your work?

I was 12, but I was always younger.

Who was your first patient?

My first patient was a patient at the dental clinic.

I saw him at least a dozen times.

I remember that I saw a patient about once a year for the next 10 years. 

What was your career path after your dental practice?

I never thought about going into medical.

But then I was in my mid-20s and I had had a stroke, and had to go to the hospital. 

You had a good work-life balance.

How would you describe your career?

I worked for a dental lab in New Hampshire.

That’s where I was trained to do my job.

I would come in and do my work.

I think I got the most out of my time there.

I got to be in contact with people all over the country.

And I got a lot out of that.

I met a lot more people.

My son, who is now in law school, was also an accountant. 

How did you develop a relationship with your family?

It was quite natural.

I didn’t have any contact with my parents. 

Why did you decide to move back to New Jersey?

I have a strong family history here, and it just felt like a good idea to be able to go back to the state where I grew up.

And to be involved in this tradition that is very important to the people of New Jersey – to my father, to my grandfather, to the great-grandfather of this place. 

Where did you start your medical career? 

I got into dental practice in 1976. 

When did you become interested in medicine?

I had no interest in medical at all.

I really didn’t care for the idea of medicine.

I am a very active person.

I do yoga, and dance, and whatever else I can get into.

I have friends who do it, so I think it’s really important to have an interest in whatever it is you’re doing.

I’m always looking for something to do with my life. 

So you went back to dental school in 1976 and worked as an accountant in New New Jersey until 1977.

How long did that job last?

I am now working as a dental assistant in the New York area. 

Is that where you started? 

In New Jersey we have a very good dental program.

I actually worked in the dental department there for many years.

I know my father very well, and he taught me a lot about dentistry. 

Do you remember any of your previous patients? 

Not really. 

Are you married now? 


I married my first husband in 1976 at the age of 24.

Why did he give you that job?

He did not want me to have a baby.

I thought it was a little bit risky.

He had a lot to lose if I did have a child and I needed to take care of him.

So I was hesitant about it. 

Did you ever have any issues with your patients?

I think they were very patient and respectful of me.

They knew exactly what I was doing and what I could do for them. 

 How do you deal with your children?

They are all very supportive.

I don’t talk to them about my work at all, and we talk about a lot other things.

I can talk to my kids and my mother about my job and the work I’ve done. 

Have you ever had any physical ailments?

I do have back pain, but it’s mostly because I’m in a wheelchair. 

Can you walk a little more than 40 feet in a single stride?

I’m not sure.

I walk very

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