How to escape from the world of The Last of Us and The Last Guardian

By Chris PriestmanPosted December 06, 2017 08:10:50I think I’ve got the answer to my own question, if I were to do a full playthrough of The Witcher 3.

I could go through the entire game in one sitting and I’d be fine.

But what if I wanted to get into some areas I hadn’t explored yet, or wanted to go a little deeper than I had in previous games?

How could I do that?

I’m not really interested in trying to do that with The Last Of Us, The Last Jedi, or The Last Gospel.

I think those are fantastic games that I’d recommend if you want to play them all at once.

But if I was to do this, I’d probably start with The Witcher 2 and go through it.

So there’s really no specific answer.

You can play the game in any order, as long as you have a few hours to spare.

That’s probably the safest approach.

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