How ‘Captain America’ helped change superhero comics’ identity

The rise of Marvel Comics over the past few decades has seen the genre change the way the superhero is perceived by its fans.

The company is now known as a cultural phenomenon, with comic books ranging from the popular “Avengers” series of Marvels to the critically acclaimed “Captain America” series.

But while many people love superheroes for their diverse personalities and stories, some comic fans are beginning to question the company’s history and its current approach to its business.

The “Captain American” series has sparked a lot of controversy since it began in 2005, with fans questioning the legitimacy of Marvel and whether the company should focus on more mainstream heroes.

And while fans and critics have been arguing for years about the merits of “Captain Americans” and its heroes, this is the first time Marvel has been asked directly by the press if it has a “real” or “true” history of being an anti-hero.

“We have a real history,” said Mark Gruenwald, the executive vice president of Marvel Entertainment.

“But there’s no real reason to try to erase it.

You’re always going to have fans.

We’re always evolving.”

Gruenwald said the company is not planning to change the character it has created.

“I would not want to erase the history of Captain America.

We are still in business with that story.

It’s the story we told.

It was a fun ride.

I would hope it would continue,” he said.

The criticism has not stopped Marvel from expanding on its heroes and stories.

It is introducing “The Mighty Thor” and “Civil War,” both of which will feature prominent heroes in their own right.

And the company announced last month it would be reworking the “Captain Marvel” comic book series, which has also had a significant presence in recent years.

But the criticisms have not gone unnoticed by some fans.

They see the “Marvel Universe” comics as a continuation of a long-running anti-establishment, white supremacist and anti-feminist agenda, and they argue that it is not working in the marketplace.

She said that Marvel should take a closer look at the “anti-hero” label to see if it is more accurate.”

I think that the fact that the comics are written by women, and that the Marvel universe is very female-driven, is really problematic.”

She said that Marvel should take a closer look at the “anti-hero” label to see if it is more accurate.

Houser said the issue is more about how Marvel works with its readers.

“They are the gatekeepers.

They are the one who has the power to change their mind.

They decide who can and cannot come into the Marvel Universe.

So it’s really important that they do not become a gatekeeper to this universe,” she said.

But Gruenstein said the industry is still a “firm” in its commitment to diversity.

“If you look at a lot and a lot, a lot is still the same.

And so when you see a new thing, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to change.

It means it’s just a new kind of thing.

We still believe that we have a place for every kind of character, whether it’s a white supremacist, whether that’s a male-dominant, anti-LGBTQ character, or a female-dominated, anti–sexist character,” he told The Hill.

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